All aboard the Genshin Impact Hype Train: Navia Approaches!

Fans of Genshin Impact discuss their excitement and skepticism for the new character, Navia. Dive into the hype!

In the bustling world of Genshin Impact, a new star is about to rise – the enigmatic character, Navia. Amidst anticipation and guesswork, the game community is abuzz, sharing their thoughts and strategizing for her highly anticipated arrival.


  • Overwhelming excitement from players eager to unlock Navia
  • Several players are also strategizing their in-game resources for her
  • Not everyone is on board as some players voice out their preferences for other characters or concerns over Navia’s capabilities

Anticipation vs. Strategy

As Gloomy05 aptly put it, some players are armed with ’70 wishes and a dream’, manifesting the high hopes for Navia. Others, like PastStep1232, are swayed by her design, disregarding doubts about her GEO element to pledge their loyalty.

Cautious Enthusiasts and Skeptics

Though the excitement is palpable, it’s not without its fair share of caution. Players like skycorcher are still nursing their wounds from previous encounters, recounting terrible luck with their wishes. Some, such as Blutwind, are taking a more pragmatic approach, holding out to see if Navia will be a meta character before diving in.

The Voice of Dissent

Not everyone is aboard the Navia hype train. Some players, like yallasenorita and MaidRara, are voicing their preferences for other characters such as Clorinde and Sigewinne. Discourse like this ensures that while Navia’s debut is creating a stir, the fan-favorite roster is not forgotten.

As the Genshin Impact universe prepares to expand once again with the addition of Navia, the balance of excitement, strategy, skepticism, and dissent seen in the player base is a testament to the rich and vibrant community. Even as some players prepare to roll their wishes and others strategize their resources, it’s clear that the arrival of Navia means different things to different users. We’re just going try and enjoy the whirlwind that is new character anticipation!