A Storm of Sentiments: Fortnite Founders Call for Boycott Amidst Growing Discontent

Fortnite Founders’ outcry and their call for a boycott; Read to understand their sentiments and why.

Fortnite has now become a hot topic for a unique reason: an increasing outcry among the game’s Founders. The primary grievance seems to be from a perception that their original game is being marginalized and ignored.


  • Many Founders feel the company is caring less for the original version.
  • The company’s focus on attractive new game modes is causing worry.
  • Ultimately, the dissatisfaction of Founders could influence the future development of the game.

The Sentiment of Founders

Dapper_Lord’s opinion that the company now cares less about the Founders appears to be echoed by most. His belief that a small team still cares about Save The World (STW) but the higher-ups don’t might be the underlying cause that led to the call for this boycott.

ProfessionalPin1568’s post was perhaps symbolic of this frustration. He seems to be rallying for recognition, a cry for attention before the original game is totally forgotten.

The Future of Fortnite

One intriguing comment from B_Jozsef glimpses the ‘metaverse’ change. It brings up the subject of how the gaming world is progressing and the apparent necessity for Fortnite to be innovative to keep pace.

Most users seem to understand that the company must evolve to stay relevant–like MajikWaffle who, despite fearing for STW, still finds new modes exciting. However, they seem to be reminding the company not to ignore the roots from where the giant tree sprouted.

Company Perspective

Then comes the viewpoint from the ‘other side’. Fanboy123ABC mentions that the company doesn’t have financial motivation to revive STW and the boycott may not make a huge difference. He asks if it’s worth the time and energy to boycott since it seems unlikely to affect the massive player base.–is this a sign of a resignation? Or a certain cynicism creeping in?

So, what’s next for Fortnite? Well, it seems like a Lego mode, metaverse, and more innovations could be on the horizon. Exciting times indeed, but amidst the winds of change it seems some are feeling left in Fortnite’s dust. Yet, as the old adage goes, ‘the customer is always right.’ Hence, it might do some good for the company to listen to these passionate gamers’ cry, after all, they are the ones who jumped aboard this ship from the start. Without them, would Fortnite have been this big? Now that’s food for thought.