A Mashup of Worlds – Pokémon Impact: Fontaine Edition in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s community merges universes by adding a Pokémon twist to its gameplay.

In the ever-expanding universe of Genshin Impact, the players have now infused a dose of Pokémon into their gameplay. In a lighthearted play on the post called ‘Pokémon Impact: Fontaine Edition’, this impressive attempt at bringing together the worlds of Genshin and Pokémon has sparked humor and interaction among Genshin Impact’s online community.


  • Genshin Impact fans appreciate this creative merge of the two epic games.
  • These hilarious comparisons and fan theory evolutions have brightened up the community.
  • Users even entertained the idea of actual in-game evolution of characters or artifacts.

The Charm of Mashup

Imagine Pikachu battling with a Hilichurl or a Geovishap – the laughs that image would create among fans! This concept brings a unique entertainment value that Thienphucn1 accented, insisting, ‘Don’t forget the Geovishaps‘. It’s unique and fun twists like these that garner positive sentiments among the Genshin Impact community.

Fantasy Evolution in Genshin

The post inspired a wave of mock-ups for in-game evolutions, something akin to what we see in Pokémon. Demiwaltz, the author of the post, pointed out wittily, ‘inb4 “genshin impact is such a clone game! first they copied botw, now pokemonz!!??!111one!!questionmark”‘ ridiculing the accusations often thrown at Genshin Impact for borrowing from other games.

The Sheer Fun

Free from the constraints of reality, this crossover gives the community a chance to explore their imaginations with their beloved game. ElGishki exclaimed with an air of amusement, ‘Still better than half of the last 2 gens‘. Such a dose of light-hearted humor turns heads, making a long day a little brighter for everyone involved.

All these exchanges showcase the imaginative power of the fan community. These enthusiastic players remix ideas to create a celebration of their game’s culture. It’s a comedy goldmine, a humor-filled homage to the worlds of Pokémon and Genshin Impact that keep these community spirits high. Also, you never know, one day, Mihoyo might just surprise us all!