A Lunar Leap: Fortnite Fans Eager for Apollo 1:1 Remake Reveal

Fortnite enthusiasts anxiously await the unveiling of a meticulously-crafted Season 11/CH2 S1 map replica by Opportunity_Secret.

Fans of Fortnite are abuzz with speculation and excitement over a tease of a 1:1 scale replica of the renowned Season 11/CH2 S1 map, handcrafted by a user known as Opportunity_Secret.


  • Users express intense nostalgia for the Season 11/CH2 S1 map. Some even “want to go back” as user BLAZE_0FFICIAL put it.
  • Most of the comments emphasize the desire for a creation code or at least the file of the project for personal use.
  • Commenters display a sense of camaraderie, bonding over shared experiences on the original map.

Bittersweet Nostalgia

Many commenters sharing sentiments of nostalgia for the original map, hinting at shared experiences and fond memories of earlier game versions. User ‘Guffthebir72’ summed it up, “The amount of nostalgia I have for this map is insane…” Their anticipation is heightened by the tantalizing tease with little accompanying information, as if Opportunity_Secret has captured lightning in a bottle. Some, like ‘TheFrostyFaz’, simply miss the old days.

Sharing Is Caring

Impatient excitement bubbles over in frustrated demands for a code or the creative project files to be shared, with users such as ‘Joluno23_YT‘ and ‘heythatsprettynito‘ begging Opportunity_Secret to drop the code. Meanwhile, users ‘denkthomas‘ and ‘LBP_art_‘ tactfully suggest that if a code can’t be provided, at least the project files should be released.

Makeshift Solutions

Ever the resourceful bunch, Fortnite avids propose alternatives if a code release is not viable. Lilchorizo04 suggests dropping the project files, a makeshift solution that suggests the importance of this Apollo 11 Remake creation to the community. Users show they’re willing to step around conventional methods to access this treasure.

The intense demand for this remake is a testament to the power of nostalgia and significant community appreciation for Fortnite’s Season 11/CH2 S1 map. The excitement is palpable and only heightening with each passing minute. Here’s to hoping the map pays homage to the original while offering its own unique charm!