A Lego Spin on Fortnite? Fans React to Glitch Reveal

Fortnite Players discover a new dimension through a glitch, unveiling Lego skins and much more!

Well, Fortnite fans, hold on to your hats because this is a big one. Some intrepid players, including one named SalThePotato, accidentally stumbled upon an all-new, completely Lego-ised menu while playing the game. It appears the Lego menu is not just pure aesthetics as it contains Lego skins for characters and custom emotes as well.


  • The reaction to the accidental leak was overwhelmingly positive, with players applauding the effort and creativity put into this unexpected twist.
  • Not all skins or emotes are currently available in the Lego format, teasing possible future updates.
  • The glitch may indicate a potential new Fortnite mode, as players eagerly speculate.

Reddit Reactions

User ‘404merrinessnotfound’ mirrored the general sentiment, exclaiming, “That’s one of the best things to come out from this season so far”. It seems the Lego spin proved to be a pleasant surprise for many fans, and the idea that the developers put significant work into this facet excited user SirDimmadome who commented his hats off to the devs.

Leaked Lego Details

Original poster SalThePotato further elaborated on some of the details of the Lego menu. Some skins, like ‘Tender Defender’, don’t have a Lego version yet whereas others come with a placeholder message for an eventual Lego upgrade. The lore complexity of the Lego world appears diverse, with options for unique worlds, characters, and scenarios.

Players’ Speculation and Concerns

However, player excitement is tempered with curiosity and concern. Some users ask if the Lego versions are usable in normal games or if the glitch could lead to a ban, while others simply want to know how to replicate it. BigBudZombie has high hopes, speculating that the extensive Lego development work hints at a possible permanent Lego mode.

Building blocks or building suspense? This unexpected peek into a Lego-infused Fortnite world certainly adds to the game’s charm, and we can’t wait to see if these blocks fit into Fortnite’s bigger picture. Whether it’s a new mode, an event, or just a fun easter egg, it’s clear that Fortnite may be connecting us to a whole new playground in its virtual universe.