A Farewell to November: Honkai: Star Rail December Codes Analysis

A delve into the not-so-new Honkai: Star Rail December redeem codes posted by a user on an online forum.

In the wake of a new month, a fellow user identified as Calexixa777 on an active online gamers’ community, recognised for its unwavering dedication to Honkai: Star Rail, has shared a series of what they identified as ‘December redeem codes’. Our investigative journey led us to this digitized reward trove mentioned by Calexixa777.


  • A sizeable number of the codes were already consumed by many in the community.
  • Majority of commenters opined that all the codes were previously released in mid-November and not new for December.
  • Though not fresh, the codes were received with a sense of gratitude and wistful acceptance.

A November Déjà vu

Examining the reactions, one might be overwhelmed by a strong sense of déjà vu. According to ragito024, the codes didn’t bring the scent of December but a mild whiff of November instead. This sentiment was echoed by lawlianne and davidtcf.

Joy in the Old

Despite doubts about the freshness of the codes, there was a warm breeze of appreciation in the air. Gamers like Kuliyayoi and Misiuz87, though acknowledging the familiarity of the codes, expressed their gratitude for the shared codes.

Bottom Line

Given the mixed reactions, it’s safe to say that while there might be an initial tinge of disappointment stemming from the lack of freshness in these ‘December’ codes, many in the community see the merit in revisiting the old. Remember, as the sage wisdom goes, old is gold. The generosity of Calexixa777 hasn’t gone unnoticed, and certainly, the game moves forward.