A Deeper Insight on Player Voices: Are Old Maps Returning in Counter-Strike 2?

Exploring sentiments and speculations of CS2 players on the return of old maps popular in the CS:GO era.

There’s a burgeoning curiosity among Counter-Strike enthusiasts about the return of cherished map layouts from the game’s previous version, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), to its sequel, Counter-Strike 2 (CS:2). One player, el_ratonido, expresses missing the old maps such as Canals and Couple Stone after a period of inactivity due to a broken computer. His query: will these beloved maps make an appearance in CS:2?


  • Mixed responses were garnered with the post, with some users in favor and others not as much.
  • Comments relayed both a sense of nostalgia and an anticipation for possible new features in CS:2.
  • Some players hinted at prevalent game issues in CS:2, hoping for improvement before the addition of new elements.

Hopeful Return and Skepticism

Despite the rush of excitement and speculation, some players take the news with a pinch of salt and humor. Others express hope, like ImprovementOk5258, who optimistically mentions the potential arrival of new weapons in 2024, along with fixing persistent cheater issues. Meanwhile, TheSonofFlynn_ showcases an expressing longing for the return of the Train map.

Opinions on Map Returns

The opinions teeter between fan favorites returning to the game, and fresh additions, as touched upon by DankMemeRipper1337, who sees the possible return of the Italy map as limited to casual games. While he doesn’t foresee the return of the Cobble map, he does propose the reimagination of the Aztec/Ancient map.

Planned Updates and Inferences

While there’s a shared sentiment for the return of CS:GO maps, players also express expectations for game enhancements. Some, like KaNe’s Death, look forward to updates that will resolve existing bugs along with the addition of Active Duty maps. He also mentions the possibility of a massive update either during or after the second Valve Major next year.

Packed with the echoes of nostalgia and the buzz of expectations, the community appears to be on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting what CS:2 has in store for them. Among the playing old favorites or venturing into new map territories, what will the future bring? We’re all waiting on tenterhooks, controllers in hand, ready for the next move.