A Deep Dive Into the ‘Dorime’ Meme in the Genshin Impact Community

Unpack the humor and camaraderie behind the ‘Dorime’ post in the Genshin Impact Subreddit.

For players of the globally renowned game, Genshin Impact, memes and humour form an important part of the community. One phrase that is particularly cherished is ‘Dorime’, a term that originated from a song by a musical project Ameno, specifically the iconic line, ‘Ameno, Dorime.’ This phrase has been adopted in the Genshin Impact subreddit in a fun and unexpected way.


  • Members of the community have taken the ‘Dorime’ phrase and given it a Genshin Impact spin, using it in a playful manner reminiscent of an inside joke.
  • Characteristics shared by the Genshin Impact community show signs of a solid, established group with an amusing take on the game’s culture.
  • Reddit user reactions are predominantly positive, showcasing the lightheartedness that the game community shares.

The Phrase ‘Dorime’

‘Dorime’, originating from a liturgical song by Era, is used humorously in nonreligious and nonsensical contexts, particularly in memes and internet culture. The Genshin Impact community has not missed out on this fun, with a user appropriately named ‘Rozen503’ posting the term in the subreddit, to the amusement of many.

Reaction of the Community

The reaction to the ‘Dorime’ post shows the close-knit nature and humor of the Genshin Impact community. A member of the community, ‘Cor-Metal’, amusingly deviates the ‘Ameno, Dorime’ line of the song to ‘Anemo, Anemo, Dorime‘, crossing the meme with game-specific terminology, once again demonstrating the light-heartedness that the community shares.

‘Dorime’ in Genshin Impact

An interesting twist to the ‘Dorime’ thread is by the user ‘six_seasons’ who jokingly states, ‘In Mora’s name we pray,’ blending the ‘Dorime’ narrative with game currency ‘Mora’, adding another layer to the humor. ‘X_Factor_Gaming,’ pointing to their nostalgia, states, ‘I feel old now. Thanks,’ showing that the meme reaches players of all ages and experiences within the platform.

It’s clear that the strong community built around Genshin Impact shares a unique sense of humor and camaraderie. The ‘Dorime’ post allows for a unique window into the shared culture and love for the game that goes beyond simple playthroughs. It reveals a community that embraces humor, fosters bonds, and provides a strong foundation for continued engagement with Genshin Impact.