A Deep Dive into the Changing Scenery of Call of Duty: Season 1 Unveiled

A retrospective look from the player’s perspective shedding light on the evolving nuances of Call of Duty’s latest season.

Recently, discerning players of the hit franchise Call of Duty have been noticing certain changes and alternating dynamics since the advent of the game’s fervently anticipated first season.


  • The gaming community has noticed a discernible increase in lag and problematic spawns, making play more challenging.
  • A drop in the damage output in the Hardcore mode, leading to more hit markers has unanimous agreement.
  • Several users reported anomalous occurrences like reset settings and disappearing load outs, challenging their usual gameplay.
  • Detailed Observations

    A user named Srom noted, ‘the XP got nerfed because there were several matches where I went off… and I didn’t get much xp.’

    Issues in Detail

    Among the reported issues, SpecificParticular16 highlighted the exacerbating spawn issue, ‘Hardpoint was an absolute crazy circus.’ A shout out to ‘alterations in the connection issues’ made by squad mates added to the intrigue.

    Technical Hiccups

    TheSmooth’s comments underscored the mystery bugs causing ‘resetting all my settings and clearing all my load outs.’

    Franchise’s Response

    Interestingly, amidst this chatter DJPanicko humorously alluded, whether the developers’ strategy involved implementing phantom bans affecting half the player base. The jury’s still out on that one!

    So, what happened to CoD since the start of Season 1? We’ve got lag spikes that would make a sloth seem quick, spawn points that appear to have the strategy of a blindfolded toddler playing pin the tail, and hit markers so abundant they’ve probably caused a stationery shortage. Serious or not, remember it’s just a game. So take a deep breath, grab your controller and let’s soldier on, one hit marker at a time.