A Deep Dive into Fortnite’s Subreddit: Dealing with Policy Breakers

Discover how Fortnite’s Subreddit moderation team and users are combating unwelcomed behaviours on the platform.

Within the vibrant community around the popular online game Fortnite, a post by ‘Fortnite Reddit Mods’ brings to light a concerning issue. The heart of the issue lies in inappropriate gaming attitudes on their subreddit, like witch hunting, doxxing, and personal harassment. This behaviour has notably increased this season, despite the existing rules against such actions.


  • This post indicates an alarming rise in toxic player behaviour, escalating beyond in-game frustrations to real-world attacks.
  • Despite individual opinions and disagreements over game changes, most users agree that the personal attacks on game developers are uncalled for.
  • The developers and the moderation team are actively taking steps to combat such behaviours, including issuing permanent bans.
  • The Issue at Hand

    Frustration over certain changes this season has led to an inflamed community, some of whom are taking their anger out on the game developers themselves. User ‘aaaaaaaaaamber’ remarks, ‘I still don’t get why people are harassing the animations team. The animations team didn’t change the speed that the players move.’

    This sentiment is echoed by user ‘SkupperNog’, who believes that this outrage is ‘WAY out of line and totally uncalled for.’

    The Human Side of Development

    Amidst all the ire, a few users took a moment to remember the human side of game development. One comment from ‘FoundationFN’ reads, ‘The community keeps forgetting that Epic Games Devs are just people with a job.’

    ‘BlastMyLoad’ offers a rather breezy perspective, urging frustrated gamers to ‘get a grip’, and expressing contentment with the recent changes in Chapter 5.

    Moderation Measures

    In response to these indiscretions, the mods have reiterated their stance against such behaviour, laying down the law in no uncertain terms. They are intent on removing any posts or comments that break their policies, and will not hesitate to issue permanent bans if necessary.

    As ‘Timely_Suspect3139’ insert: ‘Mad about changes, adapt, or take a break. Doxxing is bad. Should be a crime.’

    Ultimately, this issue serves as a stark reminder of the need for respectful behaviour towards all members of gaming communities, developers included. While frustrations may arise, it’s essential to remember that beneath the pixels and code, there are real people just doing their jobs – and game development, much like playing, should not be a zero-sum game.