A Dash of Pop Culture in Genshin Impact: An Insightful Dive

Genshin Impact players uncover another possible pop culture reference; but is it a far-fetched idea or sharp observation?

Genshin Impact, in its immersive world teeming with lore and adventure, seems to foster a unique charm through an unexpected medium: pop culture references. A recent case in point comes from redditor keen_learner_1709, who posed an interesting query, wondering if the game had integrated the infamous line “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.” Let’s dive in and find out.


  • The post incited a swathe of responses with seemingly vast agreement on the possibility of the said reference in the game.
  • A notable factor mentioned by the majority is the tendency of the game to incorporate popular culture references, making the claim plausible.
  • Opinions ranged from humorously appreciative to genuine surprise over the alleged integration. Some found it amusing, suggesting the developers’ innate nerdiness and memer personalities going rampant.

Community Responses

The post garnered different reactions from the community. Redditor “kansasgaymer” remarked on the abundance of pop culture references in the game. This sentiment was echoed by “iamfanboytoo,” who cited an even more obscure reference to ‘Two Bears High-Fiving,’ known among Fallout fans. Another user, “VanhiteDono,” brought up an instance of punny humor in the game, suggesting the developers’ taste for cheeky innuendoes.

The Funnier Side of Genshin

Integrating humor in games can be a tricky feat to achieve, and when done right, it crafts an enjoyable dynamic for the players. In this case, Genshin Impact seems to have hit the mark with its offhand and amusingly playful pop culture references. According to “Delanoye” mentioning that the developers are as much “nerds and memers” as the players themselves, it adds an amusing layer to the gaming experience.

Discovering More References

Other than the discussion at hand, the post seems to have spurred others into recalling all the funny lines and clever puns they’ve stumbled upon. “SnooWalruses8730,” a fellow player, shared their own discovery of a reference in the Fontaine Villains world quest. It seems like there are many more easter eggs to uncover, as a mildly shocked “XiuminxC” expressed, signifying an ongoing and collective exploration still in motion.

So, going back to our main question, was the milkshake reference really there? It seems likely, considering the humorous developers and the community who stand on common ground regarding the game’s love for pop culture humor. The community’s agreement and surprising examples in response indicate a delightful bond forged by Genshin Impact’s witty, ahem, impact and continue to incite an ingrained anticipation among its players for the unexpected references that are to come. Now, all that’s left to do is head back into Teyvat and keep an eye out for the next infusion of pop culture humor.