A Community’s Delight Over Vital Imagery in ‘Honkai: Star Rail’

We delve into a creative reinterpretation of a quirky fan-art titled, “I drew the \”McDonald’s\” ad but its StarRail and not McDonalds”

In a fun twist, ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ player Victear42 recreated a popular ad imagery but with a unique StarRail touch, and the community has something to say about it.


  • ColebladeX finds the absence of McDonald’s being replaced by characters amusing.
  • mathiau30 points out a touching portrayal in the art.
  • StarwindGene brings to attention a nod to a rather frosty event from the past visible in the background.
  • The community embraces the fun and detailed aspects, noticed and appreciated by several players including eternitysfall.

The Fandom’s Excitement

Expressing a positive sentiment towards Victear42’s efforts, many fans echoed the sentiments of user Manhwa_sensei who wondered aloud ‘why make tingyun like that?’, reflecting the fun twist on typical StarRail portrayals. Fans appreciated the details such as the ‘suspicious floating object in space’ that Kyouka_Uzen pointed out, prompting laughter and further investigation among the viewers.

A Touch of Fondness

Users like mathiau30 noted the heartfelt details like Stelle’s depiction of her parents. Their comments highlighted the art’s ability to not only entertain but also delve into touching portrayals within the StarRail universe. Pieces like this enable fans to connect on an additional emotional level beyond the normative gameplay, creating a stronger bond within the community.

A Stroll down Memory Lane

User StarwindGene observed a throwback to a ‘frozen March’ referring to past game events. Commentaries like this stir the nostalgia pot, adding another layer of appreciation for Victear42’s art. A community that celebrates and converses about its shared past strengthens the connection between its members and reinforces its overall passion for the game.

Despite the typical fast-paced nature of ‘Honkai: Star Rail’, Victear42’s artwork allowed for a moment of pause, amusement, and appreciation within the game’s community. This escapade demonstrates the impact player-created content can have, fostering an interactive, supportive, and overall enriching environment in the world of gaming.