A Closer Look at Warzone’s Explosive Bullet Mechanic

An engaging discussion around the efficacy of explosive bullets within popular game, Warzone.

Interesting debates and conversations continually arise within the vibrant community of the Warzone video game. Amongst these, a significant query has been raised: ‘Why are my explosive bullets not killing on headshots?’, posted by user RemoraWasTaken.


  • Questioning the efficacy of explosive bullets.
  • A highlight on the confusion around game mechanics.
  • Illuminating potential aspects of player strategy.

Player expectations versus game mechanics

RemoraWasTaken brings up a valid query, which showcases a commonly experienced player frustration. Assumption that an explosive sniper bullet to the head should equate to a one-shot-kill seems logical. Yet, within Warzone, this isn’t the case, leading to an understandable bewilderment.

Responses and Insights

‘BantDit’ offers the first insight, stating: ‘Only the Katt amr one shots to the head‘. It directs to the idea that different weapons within the game do have different capabilities, and players must strategize accordingly. Following BantDit’s comment, AcerOne17 indicates ‘If I’m not mistaken you get spawn protection which is stronger the higher up you are‘ offering another layer of strategy not initially considered. This explains why a seemingly sure-kill shot may not work.

The Community Benefit

This is a prime example of how community discussion provides value, sharing knowledge and advising on game mechanics. Warzone’s extensive playability stems not just from its gameplay, but also the constantly learning community. Shared experiences help to unravel the complexities of the game and underlines the importance of understanding mechanics.

So, while an explosive bullet not delivering a one-shot-kill can seem perplexing, discussions like this unveil the game’s depth, broadening our understanding and nurturing our collective gaming prowess.